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more progress on this extremely silly crossover fanart. 


I ordered myself a pillowcase to see if the print looks okay, and it looks great! Soo…

If you want Worf to approve of your house and tea: pillowcases and mugs are available now!

cute fluffy cow not included


A transparent Enterprise crew climbing on your blog.

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Keeper & Reaper

I hate that I can’t watch SPN tonight cause I live in Spain. Fanart helps :)

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Alles heeft een einde, maar een worstje heeft er twee.

— Mijn cursus Nederlandse grammatica
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Do you ever have those moments where you’re scared of a dead spider and you realise you’re probably not ready for Starfleet

In Starfleet you’d be able to verify that the spider is actually dead before touching it. They should check their tricorder privilege.


I’m pretty sure it was dead.

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This shall be my new traditional toast.

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Had fun with public transport today:

My first train had a 10 min delay, which resulted in me missing my connection in Bruges. The next, half an hour later, also had a 10 min delay.

Finally in Ghent, I take the tram. That one drives the mirror of a parked car whilst the owner of said car was just looking at it. Of course the tram has to stop then and do the paperwork before it can drive on. This takes ages.

So instead of waiting I got out and did the final three stops on foot. Then it decided to hail and thunder.

Ah, well, I got here now.